Exporting Products from Turkey to the Whole World

TLinkto – Exporting Products from Turkey to the Whole World

TLinkto is a company established with the mission of exporting products from Turkey to various regions of the World. Currently, TLinkto has trading partners in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, USA and Latin America. We are offering products and solutions in the food, cosmetic, machinery and power generator industries.

How to Work with TLinkto?

You may collaborate with TLinkto either as a buyer or a trader. We have business partners in many regions. We have practical, professional and efficient solutions while collaborating with you.

For Buyers:
  • Online credit card payment solutions – you may purchase our products without no more charge and quickly.
  • Door – to – door shipping solutions (payment including logistics).
  • Small amount of products for trial – no financial risk, experiencing products and planning & developing business.


For Traders:
  • According to your budget, you may purchase our products and promote them in your region to your business partners.
  • You may get orders and payment from your local clients.
  • Then you may pay us by online credit card solution including logistics cost.
  • We may deliver your products to you or your clients by door-to-door shipping.